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Packages & Pricing

Looking for a local, high-speed internet solution? We keep it simple: fast upload and download speeds, competitive pricing, and no bundles! At PennWisp, we're committed to bringing high-quality internet service to even the most hard-to-reach places. Locally owned and operated, we're dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Let us connect you to the world.

All packages require standard install fee of $99.

* all businesses require a business grade package.

Residential Basic

Ideal for general web browsing, e-mail,
YouTube and occasional movie download

3Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload 

$49 per month

Residential Plus

Great for heavier web browsing, light 
gaming and streaming video
5Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload 

$69 per month

     Canton / Leroy


         5Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload



     Canton / Leroy

          10Mbps Download / 1Mbps Upload




Business Basic

Small office / Home office                                          Canton / Leroy
1-5 internet users
7Mbps Download / 1.5Mbps Upload                         15Mbps / 1.5Mbps

$79 per month

Business Plus

Larger office or business                                            Canton / Leroy
intensive internet use
15Mbps Download / 3Mbps Upload                           25Mbps / 3Mbps

$99 per month

Telephone Service

 PennWisp provides telephone service to your home or business, from 1 line to 100. 

Miscellenaious Fees and Prices
Connect / Reconnect$50.00
Returned / Dishonored Check Fee$50.00